July 6, 2016
Nova LSM Products is a Sydney based company that creates customized power banks.

What are power banks?

Power banks are a portable solution if you need to charge any gadget that you have. A Power Bank is a sealed case that stores power. A USB hub is located on a power bank as an outlet power in which you place your USB charger and connect it to your device. Power banks come in different charges depending on what gadgets you need to power up. To simply put a portable socket that helps you power your gadgets.


Why do we need power banks?

Power banks are in important part of our daily lives. Most of us use a few and a number of technological gadgets that helps us in our day to day needs and task. Examples of such gadgets are our smartphones, tablets and laptops. These gadgets are vital since a lot of our workload depends on these gadgets. So much so that when we overuse these gadgets, the battery that powers them gets drained. And the capacity of these batteries usually is not enough to last us the whole day. What we do is that we usually charge these gadgets in order for them to be powered. And we do that by charging them to a power outlet. However, power outlets are not always available. And if you are always mobile and is always on the go, a portable power solution is needed for this. And that portable power solution is what a power bank is for.

That is why purchasing a power bank is a must when you are reliant on using your gadgets. At Nova LSM Products, we provide your need to have a power bank. As an added service we, also do customized power banks depending on what you would want your power bank to look like.

Why customized?

A customized power bank is ideal if you want to create a product for promotional goods, advertising paraphernalia, company giveaways or even if you want to create a personal design product.

You can also choose from a different range of power bank capacity voltages. This would depend on your need to have a power bank that is able to charge a number of gadgets.

Nova LSM Products offers customized and different capacity rates of power banks.

The following power bank charges (in mAh) we have the following:

12000 mAh Power Banks
10000 mAh Power Banks
5000 mAh Power Banks

Customized power banks are ideal since it will meet you need for an external power gadget that is best suited for you. We can also help you with a suggestion when it comes to design and power bank sizes. We can also help you decide which power bank capacity are you able to have to depend on your needs and budget.

With Nova LSM Products, you have no excuse not to get that power bank that you want. You can even create your own style based on your preference.

Nova LSM Products can be sold by visiting our website or our office. You can also avail of our products thru promofactor.com.au.

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